The History of adidas Basketball: Origins of the 2023 Basketball, 2022

“The 2023 collection from adidas Basketball wipes the slate clean to build on pillars of the past; embodying the ethos of ‘only the best for the athlete,’ it is driven by adidas’ longstanding emphasis on amplifying essential features in lieu of excess. The essence of the brand shines through now more than ever. More than anything, the path forward was paved by revisiting our roots—to rediscover our Why. adidas Basketball has always been inspired by two things: a love of hoops and the belief that the game can take you anywhere. Starting with its origins in the 60s through the technological leaps of the 2000s and beyond, this is the journey that created the 2023 collection.”

–exerpt from article

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Beginnings: 1960S + '70S

Breakthroughs: 1980s

Peaks: 1990s

Innovations: 2000s

Milestones: 2010s

Futures: 2020s